Have you noticed the modern and luxurious looking homes, especially near Sydney’s Northern beaches? If you do not know, those uniquely designed properties are Modern Hamptons style homes, and they blend both indoor and outdoor living perfectly.

These inspiring home designs let you embrace the natural light and open floor space effortlessly, and lately, many people are taking a keen interest in getting their home designed or transformed into the Hamptons style. If you too want to create a timeless Hamptons home design, here’s everything that you need to know.

The Perfect Hamptons Lifestyle

Today, The Hamptons’ Style has created a wave across the Pacific by influencing elegant narrow block homes. Perhaps it can be a timeless add-on, or nostalgia or the movies or maybe it is a great combination of all the three.

In addition to this, you get a convenient connection to the light and the breezy Australian lifestyle. The Hamptons give you a sophisticated yet beachy feeling through an effortless coastal vibe.

In the land of Australia, the interpretation of Hamptons is a contemporary ambience along with a traditional American vibe. This, what we call the Modern Hamptons style, produces beautiful narrow block house designs by giving a personalised spin to the proven trend.

The Modern Hamptons is a renowned look as it gives both traditional and contemporary elements with refreshed colours in one go.

Talking about colours, let’s see what you can do about it

The Modern Hamptons Colour Palette

The traditional Hamptons’ style is reserved by a muted colour palette depicting blue accents. However, the modern Hampton’s designs give you a free hand to embrace distinct colours.

For instance, you can build a modern Hampton’s home with traditional wooden textures and mix them with contemporary colours including black or pale pink. Both of these together bring a contemporary feel to the facade and creates an overall rich impression.

Now, the colours that you choose are up to you. You can either go for moody, calm or neutral tones depending on your choice. However, while choosing Modern Hamptons home designs Sydney, make sure to keep its refreshing vibe alive and noticeable.

The Modern Hamptons Home and Textures

The entire feel of a Hampton’s design lies in its natural materials, including thick wood, stone, linen and marble. You can utilise these textures in the form of spades throughout your home right from the exterior to the interior including furniture, surfaces and even finishes.

Now, for a contemporary accent, you can include the following trending textures-

  • Matte black metal
  • Brass, anthracite or brushed nickel
  • Polished concrete
  • Indoor greenery
  • Finishing touches.

Keep in mind that the key to a modern Hampton’s home is not eliminating the traditional take. It is about giving a twist to the traditional designs by using contemporary impressions. For instance, you can stick with your wooden and marble texture for your bathroom and kitchen surfaces for traditional design. However, you can also choose warm metal designs to add a contemporary touch.

How to Plan a Modern Hamptons Home?

The selection of colour, texture and styling can do more than 90% of your work. However, you can’t simply decide this in the abstract as you need to have a thorough plan.

Take your time to think about all the surfaces, finishes and inclusions that you can have to create an exquisite modern Hampton’s look. Your builders can help you make informed decisions and fulfil your dream of living in a Hamptons style home.